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Iran: We'll cut off Israel's legs

During a visit to Damascus today, Iranian Vice President Rahimi said: “We will stand alongside Syria against any [Israeli] threat … If those who have violated Palestinian land want to try anything we will cut off their feet.” Rahimi called Syria a “strong country that is ready to confront any threat” and said Iran “will back Syria with all its means and strength.”

On a related note:

Yesterday the Obama administration warned Iran and Syria that America’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakable, and they should understand the consequences of threats to the Jewish state. In a speech, Hillary Clinton said Syrian transfers of increasingly sophisticated weaponry, including rockets, to terrorists in southern Lebanon and Gaza could spark new conflict in the Middle East. Additionally, she said a nuclear-armed Iran would profoundly destabilize the region.

"These threats to Israel’s security are real, they are growing and they must be addressed," she said in the speech to the American Jewish Committee.

Washington Post: Ahmadinejad: Iran will not beg to avoid sanctions

Ahmadinejad, who Wednesday called Obama a nuclear-armed “cowboy”, said Iran would “try to make an opportunity out of sanctions” rather than change its stance to avoid them. While dismissing the sanctions threat, Iran has also warned against any military steps against its nuclear program. After several warnings that it would hit back at Israel if attacked from there, Iran’s military chief, Hassan Firouzabadi, said Thursday he would target U.S. forces stationed in the Middle East if Washington attacked.

"If America presents Iran with a serious threat and undertakes any measure against Iran, none of the American soldiers who are currently in the region would go back to America alive. If America wants to have the region’s oil and its markets then the region’s markets would be taken away from America and the Muslims’ control over oil would increase."