Justice for Iran

In solidarity with the beautiful and courageous people of Iran.

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Guardian: Despite laws to discourage women from western frivolities, underground boutiques flourish in Tehran to feed Iranian obsession with fashion

Over cups of black cardamom tea, a group of young women try on glamorous high-fashion dresses and discuss which ensemble would be best for Friday’s mehmouni, or party.

The women are in an Iranian maison – “house” in French – a private retail space of a type often located in the proprietor’s home, making way for headscarves to come undone, revealing blonde highlights and carefully crafted hairdos. Manicured nails, groomed eyebrows, and faces full of thick make-up all go to show the extent to which Iranian women will go to look good everyday.

Tucked away behind closed doors, maisons cater to a middle- and upper-class clientele, providing a more comfortable shopping experience than do publicly accessible boutiques. They also afford Iranian women a prime opportunity to generate income in a patriarchal society where they are discouraged from working or have to struggle to secure a decent job.”

This is the Iran I remember.


Banned Books week — September 22nd - 28th, 2013

Fight EVIL.


Banned Books week — September 22nd - 28th, 2013

Fight EVIL.

Iran frees political prisoners ahead of Hassan Rouhani's UN visit

More Rouhani in action. Still proceeding with optimistic caution, though.

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This map has sad and happy surprises. Saddest is Iran. Poor Iran. Back in the day, that country was in three different places, thousands of miles apart. Sort of like Humpty Dumpty. One slice sat along the Persian Gulf. But the capital Tehran, was nowhere near. You’ll find it in the upper right, way, way, north, next to an ancient and no-longer-existing ocean. Iran took millions of years to pull itself together.”

The Way We Were | NPR

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.


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We’re getting ready to attack Syria. But if we win, in the semi-finals, we face Iran.

—David Letterman